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These days, study abroad is not a luxury for the few.  It is an essential part of a good education and, an important part of being competitive for career and graduate school opportunities.  Rutgers Global–Study Abroad offers over 180 study abroad programs to 50 countries.  Almost any Rutgers student who meet minimum GPA requirements can enjoy an academic experience abroad without having to spend more time, or money, to graduate, and the rewards last a lifetime.

We have programs that satisfy general academic requirements; we also offer programs that meet specific major requirements. Lastly, there is no rule against parents visiting their children while they are abroad!

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Study Abroad Scholarship Winner Gets Education in Heritage

Rutgers Global - Study Abroad Scholarship Winner Goes to Mexico to Learn About Family History, study abroad student standing at ancient structure in Mexico

Some students study abroad to gain experiences that will affect their futures. Others study abroad to learn more about their past.


Real World Experiences


1969 alum Gini McLaughlin was among the first Rutgers students to study abroad as part of the Junior Year Abroad program to Tours, France. Hear about her experience and how it’s benefited her today.


Study abroad students are people with thoughts, feelings, experiences, and expressions. In this Facebook series, study abroad students “tell all” about their time abroad. #RUHoSA


Study abroad works both ways, and Rutgers is also home to thousands of international students and scholars who globalize the experience for our students. In our #RUHowTo video series, Rutgers community members with international experiences teach us how they prepare traditional meals or crafts from around the world.