Health Insurance

Rutgers Global–Study Abroad provides an emergency travel assistance service and travel insurance program to students, faculty, and staff traveling abroad on all of our programs. This coverage is built into the cost of our programs and ensures that students are automatically enrolled for services for the duration of the program.

The ISOS international plan combines the products of the following providers:

1. Emergency Assistance – International SOS Medical and Travel Security Services

International SOS offers service and support through a global network of critical care specialists and global security advisers available to all Rutgers students, faculty and staff traveling abroad. One phone call connects you to an I-SOS representative trained to help resolve medical and security issues and emergencies.

The 24/7 alarm centers are staffed by doctors, logistics coordinators and security experts. International SOS alarm centers can provide medical advice, payment of overseas medical bills, full coordination with the International SOS credentialed medical provider network, and medical evacuation.

2. Insurance - ISOS Medical

ISOS Medical provides the international insurance program in concert with International SOS for Rutgers faculty, staff and students abroad on all CGE related activities.

Note: Given that coverage is only granted for international travel, enrolled participants are encouraged to remain covered with U.S. health insurance while abroad. Stopping and starting coverage may create gaps that leave you uninsured, so before dropping any existing or U.S. plans, make sure you are informed about coverage dates, fees for discontinuing coverage, or any re-enrollment waiting periods or fees.


Take full advantage of the International SOS membership by:

  • Calling an International SOS Assistance Center, which has physicians, operations managers, and medical and security professionals on hand to speak with you. This service is available to students before as well as during the program. Proactively connecting to ISOS can be a critical component to establishing healthy routines and treatment plans for any medical or health related conditions.
  • Preparing for your travels by browsing through the various medical and security online reports and tools
  • Signing up for alerts to receive the latest travel, health and safety information about your destinations.
  • Activating your Emergency Record, where you can store your vital personal health, vaccination and travel information securely online so you can access it anytime, anywhere. The information will be available to you and, with your consent, made available to International SOS medical staff to better assist you in the event of an emergency. The system also recommends appropriate vaccinations and sends you reminders when follow-up boosters are required.
  • Printing and carrying your International SOS card with you at all times while traveling.