Financial Aid

It is very important for you to check with your financial aid office regarding your current Financial Aid Award Notice and/or eligibility to increase the amount of loans you already receive. If you haven’t applied for financial aid, but would like to, you will need to complete a free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You can access and complete this form online (

If you are a Rutgers student, your financial aid is normally applied to your study abroad term bill; however, you may want to contact your financial aid office to ensure that the transfer is successful, and that all necessary documentation has been completed. However, you should first check online to make sure all documents are complete at: Rutgers Financial Aid.

For questions concerning your financial aid amount, the Rutgers Financial Aid office can be reached at 848-932-7057.

For non-Rutgers students, you should contact the financial aid office at your home school. In some cases, not all Financial Aid will transfer, so please be sure to double check.  If you have a question about your award status, please check the financial aid website. If you are not a Rutgers student, it is also your responsibility to inform us of any and all financial aid that will apply to your program. Documentation, such as a copy of your award letter(s) or direct correspondence between your financial aid office and the Center for Global Education, will be accepted. Please forward documentation as soon as possible to ensure a timely transfer of funds.

Financial Aid Refunds

Refunds checks are generally issued within the first two weeks of the start date of the semester on campus at Rutgers University.  Rutgers students may sign up for electronic direct deposit, which will allow you to receive your refund more quickly.
*Please note: Only Rutgers students are eligible to sign up for direct deposit and it is only available for the fall and spring semesters (summer semester is not set up for direct deposit).

This will also be beneficial in the event that you will not be in-country to pick up your refund. You may also complete and submit the form below in order to have your refund mailed to your address on file:

Please contact the Rutgers Student Accounting office with any inquiries regarding your billing or refunds:


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