Withdrawal Policy

It is important to understand that withdrawing from a study abroad program may have financial consequences depending on the timeline of your withdrawal. Upon committing to a program and paying your deposit, you will be held to the terms and conditions of all the contracts and documents that are a part of the study abroad application and post-decision process. To fully review the financial policies, please visit the Withdrawal Policy page to access additional information and/or the necessary withdrawal form.


Program Cancellation

Should a program cancellation become necessary after you have arrived overseas, our refund policy is that every effort will be made to refund recoverable costs to the participants. Additionally, Rutgers Global–Study Abroad will make every effort to help you complete the academic work from the program and, depending on the circumstances, possibly earn the intended academic credit from the program. Whether or not this is possible depends largely on the particular program, the circumstances of the academic work of the program, and the length of time remaining in the program after the official cancellation date.

Should a program cancellation become necessary for reasons other than safety, including under-enrollment, 
Rutgers Global–Study Abroad will make every effort to refund recoverable program costs to the participants. Unrecoverable program expenses (e.g., airline deposits, excursion expenses, housing fees or reservation deposits) cannot be refunded.

Because full refunds are often not possible, you may wish to consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance that can be obtained through many travel agents or insurance companies. Policies vary on what triggers trip cancellation, so you should check with travel insurance providers for more details.

The Office of Financial Aid will review program cancellations on a case-by-case basis for students who are receiving financial aid.