Emergency Preparedness

Our primary concern is your safety. Please review the following information and keep it on hand in case of emergency.

Although most emergencies are better managed by working with local authorities, Rutgers Global–Study Abroad can be reached 24 hours a day in case of extreme emergencies by calling the Rutgers Campus Police at 732-932-7211.

In the event of a natural, political or social emergency, and we believe that you will not be safe in your host country, we will assist you in exiting the country as safely and efficiently as possible. This is why it is important that you inform us of your travel plans and how to best contact you.

In the event of a medical or health emergency, students should go immediately to the nearest physician without delay and contact the study abroad health insurance provider. The insurance provider will then take appropriate action to assist and monitor your care. You should also contact Rutgers Global–Study Abroad at 848-932-7787 or through the Rutgers Campus Police outside of office hours at 732-932-7211 as soon as possible.

The U.S. Department of State has special resources for students studying abroad, including travel alerts, considerations before traveling, news alerts, and volunteer opportunities. Please visit travel.state.gov/content/studentsabroad/en.html for more information.