Study Abroad @ Home

Study Abroad at Home (Study Abroad @Home, or SA@H)

Due to the ongoing travel restrictions and visa processing delays that persist for our international student community, Rutgers Global–Study Abroad will continue to support students by creating in-person learning through our diverse network of academic partners abroad.

In Fall 2020, Rutgers piloted our Study Abroad @ Home programs with a select number of partners. In Spring 2021, we welcomed a cohort of 50+ students into the program. Now for Fall 2021, we once again plan to expand enrollment to serve more international students.

How it Works

Students will be enrolled at one of our partner universities as a visiting student and will be able to select courses offered by the partner. In addition to this new academic experience, students will also have access to co-curricular activities with degree-seeking students and have access to local facilities and services.

Students may choose between two academic options:

Study Abroad - Accepted international students will live and study at one of our partner institutions in their home country or region and will enroll in a full-time course load (12-18 credits) at the partner institution. Similar to traditional study abroad programs, students would be eligible to take one Rutgers course if it is required to stay on track for graduation. Written department approval is required. Total credit enrollment may not exceed 18 credits.

SA@H Program with Hybrid Option* - Accepted international students will live and study at one of our partner institutions in their home country or region while having the option to pair this experience with online Rutgers classes. Students must enroll in a minimum of 9 credits at the partner institution and enroll in no more than 9 credits with Rutgers. Total credit enrollment may not exceed 18 credits. *Student must consult Rutgers Web Registration to confirm that the Rutgers course(s) they intend to take is scheduled to be taught fully-online.

Partner Universities and SA@H Locations

Each SA@H partnership and location is uniquely different in scope and design, including student enrollment capacity, eligibility, course and co-curricular offerings, housing, and structure. Please be aware that the unpredictability of the virus may impact plans in unforeseen ways. SA@H is contingent on the local university providing in-person or virtual instruction, safe travel to and from surrounding areas, governmental restrictions, and space availability in partner courses and housing. Interested international students should prepare to be flexible and adaptable to the likelihood of changing circumstances in advance of participation and while onsite.

While it is our hope to meet the needs of as many students as possible, we cannot guarantee that SA@H will be able to accommodate all students who may be interested. Students participating in SA@H for Fall 2020/Spring 2021 will require special approval from their academic department to be considered for participation in future semesters. Please seek written approval before starting a new application.


Study Abroad @ Home is an optional program offered by Rutgers Global–Study Abroad for international students unable to return to campus. For students who are able to come, returning to Rutgers is the priority. For those who encounter travel restrictions or immigration delays please review the following eligibility requirements.

To be eligible for Study Abroad at Home, you must:

- be a Rutgers international undergraduate (sophomore, junior, or senior) degree-seeking student in good academic standing as defined by your college or program.

- meet citizenship and permanent residency requirements according to the partner

- already be physically in the country or eligible region for the site where you wish to study, and be able to arrive in the host city/province at least 14 days prior to the partner's semester start date for quarantine purposes.

- meet the individual academic eligibility requirements of your preferred location(s) as shown on the Rutgers Global–Study Abroad program website.

- be willing and able to live in program housing, if required.

Students interested in Study Abroad at Home (SA@H) should be in touch with their program's Undergraduate Chair/Undergraduate Director to determine if there are any restrictions on major and/or minor courses, and to find coursework that is a good match for their Academic Plan. Note that applied or lab components for some programs may make remote learning more challenging or impractical.

Note: Be sure you have reviewed the eligibility carefully before you apply. Some sites are not open to all majors.

Fall 2021 Options for Sophomore, Juniors, and Seniors

- Beijing, China: Peking University's Guanghua School of Management

Shanghai, China: East China Normal University (ECNU)

- Shenzhen, China: Chinese University of Hong Kong – Shenzhen (CUHK – Shenzhen)

- Shenzhen, China: Southern University of Science and Technology (SUS Tech)

check back for updates regarding new semester programs!

Rutgers Fall 2021 Admits - Freshman should refer to:

- Rutgers Overseas Semester Experience (ROSE) program in China

Courses and Course Approval

The availability of local coursework varies by location. In order to receive Rutgers credit for courses taken at the partner university, students must be enrolled in letter-graded courses that are new/different from previous credits earned. Students may not take courses with the credit/no credit option (i.e. pass/fail).

All enrollment information - i.e. the course title, the # of translated credits, and the grade will appear on a student’s Rutgers transcript and will factor into your cumulative GPA. Rutgers online course grades will also factor into the cumulative GPA.

Your Rutgers School or Department will determine how partner-enrolled class credit will be applied toward your Rutgers major/minor by completing the Course Equivalency Form (CEF). Students should only be seeking approval for courses where they have met the prerequisites. Coursework that has not received prior approval through the CEF process will return as elective credit toward overall graduation requirement credits. Students should prepare to be flexible around how partner university credits are applied to individual Rutgers graduation requirements.


Being part of a living and learning environment is a core part of the Study Abroad at Home program. Note: Students may not have the option to live at home or independently. Students who are not prepared to follow program housing regulations should not apply for the SA@H program.

Living accommodations vary by program; please refer to each program brochure page for program-specific details.


SA@H students pay regular Rutgers tuition based on residency and school of enrollment. This is billed to students via their Rutgers term bill. See the Student Accounting website for current tuition rates.

Local housing, food, and other required fees based on location requirements are considered out-of-pocket expenses and are paid for by the student. An estimate of these out-of-pocket costs can be found on the Rutgers Global–Study Abroad program page.


March 15, 2021 – April 12, 2021: SA@H application period

Admission is offered on a rolling basis. Interested students should apply early to secure a space in the program. The application period requires an $800 program confirmation deposit to secure a spot on the program. This will be refunded only if a student is not accepted.

April – May

Complete partner university program application, and housing application Register for on-site course(s).

August – October

SA@H location arrival and housing check-in

Is this program right for you?

Though all courses taken at the partner university will count as credits towards degree completion, not all courses offered fulfill major and/minor requirements.

Students with more flexible course options may have the most success enrolling in one of our offered Study Abroad @ Home programs.

How to Apply

You may apply through the Rutgers Global–Study Abroad website. To access the application to your preferred location, click on the corresponding program link above. Please review programs carefully and submit only one application.