Refugees and Migrants - Geography Courses


Human Geography: Space, Place, and Location (01:450:103) Spring 2018
Professor: Carrie Mott
This introductory geography course explores human geography, a discipline that studies people and places. Specifically, students will learn how people organize space and society, how we interact with each other in places and across space, and how we make sense of others and ourselves in our local areas, regions, and the world. In this course we will cover a range of topics such as language, religion, development, migration, and the unequal distribution of power. The course emphasizes key geographic approaches to contemporary globalization, specifically, how global processes are unevenly distributed and differently manifested across the world.

Geographic Background to Current World Affairs (01:450:262) Not currently available
This course analyzed various aspects of the city, including geographical, political, climactic, psychological, and socioeconomic factors.

Eastern Europe and Eurasia (01:450:332) Spring 2018
Professor: Ariel Otruba

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Western Europe (01:450:334) Not currently available
The course covered Europe’s human and environmental geographies, the ways in which European lands and populations have interacted to create distinctive landscapes, the territorial organization of Europe, and the contemporary problems faced by Europe.

Caribbean Borderlands (01:450:335) Not currently available
The Caribbean is a diverse, vibrant and complex region of the world; a region of strong contrasts in geology, topography, language, food, politics and more. This course is an introduction to the physical, human, and environmental geography of the Caribbean. It examines contemporary social, economic, political, cultural, and environmental situations of the region and its people. Historical aspects are also discussed to better understand present-day conditions and realities.

Latin America (01:450:336) Not currently available
This course provided a general introduction to Latin American environments and peoples from a geographical perspective. The class introduced general topics on environment, economy, culture, politics and history of Latin America, along with contemporary themes such current geopolitical configuration of the Americas, immigration, and social movements.

Africa (01:450:338) Not currently available
In this course, students learned about the cultural, social, political, economic, and environmental processes that take place or have taken place in Africa—allowing them to rethink many taken-for-granted ideas about Africa and become familiar with the context and significance of local, national, and international development decisions.

South Asia and the Middle East (01:450:341) Not currently available
The course introduced students to the region of South Asia and explored its physical environment, climate changes, historical roots of cultures and regions, and socioeconomic issues such as land use, development, agriculture, industrialization, globalization, urbanization, rural-urban disparity, and poverty.

East Asia (01:450:342) Not currently available
This course provided an introduction to the study of people and places in contemporary East Asia from a geographic perspective, surveying the region's environment, economy, culture, politics and history. Contemporary themes such as globalization, migration, industrialization, development, urbanization, militarization, social inequality and social change.