RUVirtual: Online Internships - Semester (CAPA)

Program Overview

Term Start Date End Date Application Deadline
Spring 2021
Feb 05, 2021
Apr 30, 2021
Nov 15, 2020
Summer 2021
Jun 03, 2021
Jul 17, 2021
Mar 01, 2021
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Class Standing
Good Academic Standing
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The Program

Go Online. Go Global. Go Beyond.

CAPA’s online programs provide students with a remote, immersive exploration of the global city. Gain international work experience and develop global professional competencies through CAPA's remote internships. Learn to work and excel in a global environment with international colleagues. In a world becoming more reliant on connecting, collaborating and performing virtually, our remote internships educate, enable and empower you to develop skills today that will prepare you for employers' needs of tomorrow. 

Program Locations

working remotely


This internship is online. You may be placed in an international company in Barcelona (Spain), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Dublin (Ireland), Florence (Italy), London (England), Shanghai (China), or Sydney (Australia).


Remote global internships enable students to gain critical professional skills and competencies in an international workforce environment. 

CAPA offers individualized placements with international, regional, and local companies, charities, and governmental organizations around the globe designed to meet each student's professional interests and career goals.

Types of Organizational Structures:  Start Up, SME, Local, Regional, National and Multi-Nationals

Types of  Sectors: Corporate and Private, NGO, Not-For-Profit and Charity

Placement Fields and Industries include, but not limited to;

 Advertising & PR  Arts Administration  *Business  Communications  Economics  Education and Training  Environmental  Event Management  Fashion  Finance
 Film and Animation  Graphic and Web Design  Healthcare  HR  International Relations  IT & Comp Science  Journalism  Logistics and Operations  Marketing  Project Management
 Sales  Sports Management  Travel and Tourism  ….and many more!

Students will be registered in 3 credits by Rutgers Global Study Abroad. Alongside the internship, students will participate in an Online Global Internship Course hosted by CAPA, which focuses on building personal and professional development skills alongside other CAPA students around the world.

Pre-placement Orientation prepares students for a fulfilling and successful remote global internship, including training in:  Communication tools training, including Zoom and Google Hangouts  Presentation technologies, including how to create narrated Google slide presentations  Digital recording programs such as Screencast-O-Matic for synchronous and asynchronous use.

Part-time internship placements will be available to all students. Students are required to complete synchronous and asynchronous work for a total of twenty (20) hours per week. The weekly schedule will be determined by the internship site and may likely require a flexible working schedule from the students to adjust for different time zones.

Learn more about CAPA here

Housing and Meals

This internship is remote

Financial Information

Program Costs

This is the billed amount that will appear on your Rutgers term bill during the term you study abroad.
All Students
Program Cost $800
Program Cost includes:

•    Provider fee
•    Administrative Fee

Important information about withdrawal deadlines: 

Student Participation in these internships have been financially subsidized by Rutgers; should a student withdraw from the internship on or after December 1, 2020, students will be held responsible for $500, on or after December 21, 2020, students will be held responsible for $750. If students withdraw from the internship on or after January 21, 2021, students will be held responsible for the full program fee of $1,495.


Out-of-Pocket Costs

These are estimated expenses that are not part of your term bill. Students will need to pay for these expenses out-of-pocket.
Books and Classroom Materials 0
CAPA application fee $95
Total $95.00
Out-of-Pocket Cost includes:

The above cost is an estimation and represents the known out-of-pocket cost students may encounter for this virtual course.