Embedded Spring: Writing the Mediterranean: Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Program Overview

Term Start Date End Date Application Deadline
Embedded Spring 2020
Mar 13, 2020
Mar 21, 2020
Dec 15, 2019
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Program Advisor

The Program

Enroll in this Spring Embedded 2020 Journalism course which includes trips to Barcelona, San Sebastian, and Guernica!

Draw inspiration from Mediterranean journeys, and learn to tell compelling journey stories of your own. We’ll travel with Ernest Hemingway, Martha Gellhorn, George Orwell and other notable authors through one of the world’s grandest regions, as we explore its legacy of war and exodus, cooking and eating, and romance and revenge.

We’ll aim to identify and chronicle regional themes and challenges, while we write about war, immigration, separatism, minority rights, food and the arts. 

At spring break, we’ll visit Barcelona, to report on the 24/7 vibe, dazzling architecture and world-class cuisine of Spain’s most dynamic city – and to look into why too much of a good thing can be bad. We’ll next explore the gorgeous Basque city of San Sebastián, a former European Capital of Culture, with its passion for pintxos, surfing and revolt. We’ll walk along the trail to Santiago de Campostela, the route of Medieval pilgrimage to the end of the world.  And we’ll cap off our journey with a visit to Guernica, a town famously bombed by the Nazis during the Spanish Civil War, and immortalized by Pablo Picasso in his iconic painting.

All the while, students will be gathering material for their own written and visual stories. 


Bikes in San Sebastian

Program Locations

Barcelona, Spain



Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, a region of northeastern Spain that has its own distinct language, history, and culture. It began as a Roman settlement and evidence of its Roman past can still be found in the oldest part of Barcelona. The city is one of the busiest port cities in Europe. Nestled between mountains the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona is a colorful city by every means. The modern architect, Antoni Gaudi’s spiraling buildings, playful sculptures and vibrant mosaic tiles are an accurate reflection of the city’s character. Walking through the city, you will see 2,000 years of history in Roman ruins, 19th-century modernista architecture, ultramodern showpieces, and the Gothic buildings of the Old Town - and how they contrast to the ultramodern showpieces that continue to redesign its skyline. Barcelona’s culture highlights include the Picasso Museum and Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia (which began in 1883 and is still under construction!)


Boats in San Sebastian


San Sebastian (Donostia)

San Sebastian, or Donostia in the regional language, is a coastal city in the Basque Country. It's located in the north of Spain only 12 miles from the French border. The city was selected the European Capital of Culture in 2016. It has its own language, Euskera, and is a famous tourist destination. 


Journalism and Media Studies majors enrolled in the department’s Global Media Specialization https://comminfo.rutgers.edu/academics/undergraduate/journalism-and-media-studies-major/curriculum/specializations will receive priority consideration -- but both the course and the trip are open to all students, on a space-available basis. To enroll in the Global Media Specialization, please visit the School of Communication and Information Advising Office, at 4 Huntington Street, 2nd floor.

We’ll devote part of each class to a discussion of Mediterranean issues, such as war, corruption, family, food, the arts and the influence of the sea. In another part of the class, students will practice writing, reporting and visual journalism techniques, such as interviewing, capturing dialogue, writing a narrative and shooting captivating photos and video.

Class will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:50-4:10 p.m., during the first part of the spring semester. Students will then travel together to Spain during spring break, to practice what they’ve learned. There will be no more classes after spring break. But we’ll gather for one final celebratory session, where students will have an opportunity to present their work to the group. Students will submit their stories, and have one-on-one editing sessions with the professor, to hone their work into optimal shape. We’ll also celebrate our achievement with a party.

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Spring Embedded 2020

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Housing and Meals

Students will stay in comfortable, centrally-located and wifi-equipped hotels and hostels. Welcome and goodbye dinners are included in the course fee, as are a number of cultural activities.

Financial Information

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All Students
Program Cost $1,399
*Program cost for JMS students only with the $400 scholarship $999
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•    Tuition
•    Housing
•    Program excursions
•    Administrative Fees
•    International SOS Health Insurance

*Journalism and Media Studies (J&MS) students will receive a $400 scholarship that will be applied to their spring term bill.

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Airfare $800
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Faculty Leaders

Mary D'Ambrosio

Prof. D’Ambrosio is a journalist who specializes in writing about international affairs. She has reported extensively from Europe and Latin America, and her work has appeared in the Huffington Post, Anthropology Now, Institutional Investor, Islands, and Working Woman magazines, as well as in the San Francisco Chronicle, Newsday, and the Miami Herald.  She earned her bachelor’s degree in magazine journalism from Syracuse University, and her master’s degree in economic history from the London School of Economics. Email Prof. D’Ambrosio at mary.dambrosio@rutgers.edu