International Dance Studies Online Certificate Program Adds New Courses

Tuesday, October 24th
Last year, the Department of Dance at Mason Gross School of the Arts unveiled its International Dance Studies Online Certificate program, featuring elective courses each focusing on a different world region. "These are a variety of rigorous academic courses in dance studies, placing dance practices in their social, cultural, political and sometimes religious contexts,” said Jeff Friedman, Ph.D., associate professor of dance studies and certificate program coordinator. The online certificate program provides students with an ability to "critically analyze dance practices from an array of global-local cultural contexts,and sometimes students will get the chance to record and share a selfie-dance, too," he said. At the completion of the program, students will be able to understand the complexities of globalizing pressures on changing dance practices and a knowledge of a variety of international dance practices. In October 2017, Friedman announced that three new courses were added to the program, giving students the ability to earn the certificate by completing four of the following three-credit courses: Dance in India (07:203:136) NEW   Dance in Israel: Body, Ideology and Culture (07:206:134) NEWcross-listed as Special Topics/Jewish Studies (01:563-293)     Dance Forms in Africa (07:203:135) NEW/AVAILABLE SPRING 2018   Dance in Istanbul: Whirling, Belly Dancing and Revolving Around East and West (07:203:133)   Dance Appreciation Online: The Art of Movement (07:203:131)   History of Broadway Dance Online (07:203:132) The courses are all at the introductory 100 entry-level, and all of them are taught by global dance artist or scholars from around the world with master’s and doctoral degrees in dance studies and dance education. For complete details on certificate program requirements and course descriptions, read the flyer. Friedman coordinated the program over a period of three years, with the aid of an "Internationalizing the Curriculum" Rutgers Global Grant.  Rutgers Global is celebrating the fifth cycle of the Rutgers Global Grants, an annual seed funding initiative intended to stimulate international collaboration, research, and teaching. For more on this grant opportunity, consider attending the Rutgers Global Grants Symposium on November 16, 2017.

Global Education Concentration of Education Minor Available

Tuesday, October 24th
The Global Education concentration of the Education as a Social Science minor, offered by the Graduate School of Education, provides undergraduate students with grounding in the areas of global education, issues of migration and education, and comparative education across countries. Of the 18 credit minimum, students may fulfill three credits through an approved study abroad program facilitated by Rutgers Global–Study Abroad. Prerequisite course 05:300:200 Introduction to EducationChoose 12 to 15 credits from the following courses: 05: 300: 401 Individual and Cultural Diversity in the Classroom 05: 300: 406 Community-Based Language Learning 05: 300: 407 Community-Based Language Education Leadership (1 credit) 05: 300: 463 Comparative Education 05: 300: 467 Global Education 05: 300: 468 Migration, Globalization, and U.S. Education05: 300: 470 Human Rights and EducationChoose a maximum three credits from the following courses: 01: 014: 363 Race, Class, Gender, and Schooling (cross-listed with 01: 988: 363 and 01:070:363) 01: 904: 201 Introduction to Social Justice 01: 920: 218 Sociology of Education 01: 920: 323 Sociology of Childhood and Adolescence 01: 920: 345 Education and Society 04: 189: 101 Introduction to Communications and Information Processes 01: 192: 344 Language and Communications



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