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Rutgers Global–Programs | Rutgers Global–Partnerships

+ Rutgers Global - Rick Lee

Rick Lee

Director, Rutgers Global–Programs
Director, Rutgers Global–Partnerships
+ Rutgers Global - Greg Costalas

Greg Costalas

Assistant Director of Programs
+ Rutgers Global - Kim Pernice

Kim Pernice

Assistant Director of Partnerships
+ Rutgers Global - Ryan Jeter

Ryan Jeter

Peace Corps Campus Recruiter
+ Rutgers Global - Johanna Bernstein

Johanna Bernstein

Assistant Dean for Global Programs
+ Rutgers Global - Alexis Davidson

Alexis Davidson

Partnerships Coordinator
+ Rutgers Global - Lauren Forsman

Lauren Forsman

Program Coordinator

Rutgers Global–Professional Development and Training

+ Rutgers Global - Jianfeng (Jeff) Wang

Jianfeng (Jeff) Wang

Assistant Vice President for Global Affairs
Director, Rutgers China Office
+ Rutgers Global - Mark (Yao) Ge

Mark (Yao) Ge

Program Coordinator
+ Rutgers Global - Amanda (Shuman) Wen

Amanda (Shuman) Wen

Program Coordinator