Vision & Strategy

Rutgers Global—formerly known as the Rutgers Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs (GAIA Centers)—is your destination for the tools and resources you need to advance your global or international experience at Rutgers. Rutgers Global provides Rutgers community members with the opportunities, programs, resources, and services they need to advance their global experience: study abroad, funding opportunities for international research, visa and immigration processing for international students and scholars, international student academic support, and cross-cultural events and discussions.


  • Through its study abroad office, Rutgers Global helps to develop the global citizenship in Rutgers students by providing opportunities for study abroad, global research, internships, service learning, and multicultural experiences that are integrated with and support the learning goals of the academic majors.
  • Through its services office, Rutgers Global provides immigration processing and advising to talented international students and scholars and cultivating a welcoming, cross-cultural environment and avenues for them.
  • Through its programs and partnerships offices, Rutgers Global internationalizes our campus and surrounding communities by developing and facilitating cross-cultural and global programming that grow a global awareness among the Rutgers community and constituencies, and facilitating strong and consequential partnerships with universities, governments, and communities abroad while helping to welcome international delegations to encourage the exchange of knowledge, ideas, expertise, technology, and cross-cultural dialogue.

Rutgers Global Strategic Plan

Who is Rutgers Global (formerly GAIA)?

Rutgers Global – What are the GAIA Centers? video, student asking question facing camera on quad

In this clip from our TV show, Rutgers Around the World, learn the offices that make up Rutgers Global, formerly known as the GAIA Centers, and how we serve members of the Rutgers community and beyond.

Real World Experiences


Rutgers University–Newark anthropology professor Sean T. Mitchell received NSF funding for a research project in Brazil stemming from a GAIA Grant.


Rutgers Global provides immigration and advising services to help make international faculty and scholars, like Israeli public policy scholar Erez Tzfadia, Ph.D., feel right at home at Rutgers.


In our TV show spin-off podcast, Rutgers Around the World, Rutgers student Vanessa Herrera talks about her experiences as a study abroad student to Mexico and how it has directly carved a path for her career development.