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Dear Colleagues: March 30, 2012 We are now inviting you to join us in the second year of the theme, running through the 2012-2013 academic year. The second year will continue to focus on Technologies Without Borders: Technologies Across Borders. Just as technology changes by the minute, so do the global challenges we face, and the second year will allow units the opportunity to explore new issues as well as focus on the new sub-theme of Citizenship and Social Responsibility.

Upcoming Events

Safety and Health Concerns for, and Socio-economic and Political Factors concerning, Child Laborers in Less Developed Countries: Increasing Student Awareness through Short Films and Discussions

Living Together Separately: Israel's Jewish-Arab City

Douglass Residential College Global Summit


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United States 78.9%Indonesia 0.5%
United Kingdom 1.8%Philippines 0.5%
India 1.7%Switzerland 0.4%
China 1.7%Thailand 0.3%
Brazil 1.5%Poland 0.3%
Australia 1.4%Taiwan 0.3%
Canada 1.1%Republic Of Korea 0.3%
Venezuela 1.1%Japan 0.3%
Germany 0.6%France 0.3%
Turkey 0.5%Sweden 0.2%