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Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, is dedicated to being a home away from home for international students and scholars. Through Global Services, such as the Center for Global Services and Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences International Services, the university coordinates an array of services for international students and their spouses, for faculty, scholars, and their spouses, and for academic, research, and administrative units.

For international students and their spouses, Rutgers’ Global Services provide orientation programs, English conversation groups, and a range of other cross-cultural programs, as well as regulation - and insurance - related advisement in the form of workshops, printed materials and web pages, and other media. For international faculty, scholars, and their spouses, Rutgers provides an orientation program offered weekly year-round, individual and group regulatory advisement services, an international women’s group, and a growing number of involvement programs. For academic, research, and administrative units, the coordination of visa petitions and exchange visitor sponsorship procedures, instructional packets and website pages, a series of training programs, and other services are provided.

International faculty and students are not the only ones who gain from the services that Rutgers provides. By hosting people from different world regions, the university also benefits from the knowledge and unique cultures of international scholars and students. Their presence enriches the local community and connects the university to the world in exciting and individualized ways.

Rutgers is committed to the well-being of our visiting scholars and students as well as to the growing relationship between them and the university. Rutgers benefits from the cross-cultural experiences that flourish through Global Services. By delivering quality and timely services, the university provides a level of excellence in international and global teaching and learning, as well as in the comfort, care, and consideration for all members of our university community. 


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