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NOVEMBER 2014: Rutgers Issues New Ebola Policy Addressing Travel by Rutgers Employees or Students to West Africa

There are serious risks and complications involved in traveling to the areas most impacted by the Ebola crisis, which currently include the West African nations of Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Mali. Until further notice, Rutgers University will not authorize travel to Ebola affected areas for official university business. Nor will Rutgers officially host visitors who have traveled to these areas within three weeks before the date of the anticipated visit.

Whether you are traveling internationally for academic research or embarking on a new student learning adventure, we want to make sure that you feel prepared and comfortable while abroad. Your time traveling should always be an enjoyable one full of exciting and stimulating experiences whether you are traveling for study abroad, service work, or for academic research. It is important to be prepared for any practical challenges that you may face. The Office of Risk Management offers many resources and necessary information on the policies, procedures, and guidelines that govern university-sponsored travel in order to make your trip most enjoyable.

NOTE: As per the Rutgers University Faculty and Staff International Travel Policy, Rutgers Faculty and Staff must register their international travel through the Faculty and Staff Online Travel Registration.

Registration & Insurance

Faculty and Staff Online Travel Registration Form
RU Emergency Travel Assistance  - SOS
HTH for Faculty
HTH for Students

Preparing to Travel

US Embassy or Consulate Travel Registration

Travel Visas

Rutgers Travel Policy & Procedures

RU Faculty and Staff International Travel Policy
RU Purchasing - Travel Procedures & Guidelines

Rutgers Travel and Business Meal Expense Policies & Procedures

Health Information

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Traveler’s Health
RU Travel Immunizations

Passport Health Immunizations

World Health Organization

Safety and Security

Travel Alerts
Travel Warnings

US Department of State International Travel

Services and Information for American Citizens Abroad

Security Information and Tips for Laptops and Mobile Devices

Travel Resources

Oanda Currency Converter
Per Diem Rates International

World Weather

Airports of the World
Eduroam Authentication for Off-Campus Use


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