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Rutgers has established strong partnerships with leading institutions of higher education across the globe. These relationships provide faculty and students with opportunities to build a wide-range of academic and scholarly connections through student exchanges and study abroad, teaching and research exchanges for faculty and graduate students, 2+2 or joint degree programs, and collaborative research in a variety of fields, from engineering to biotechnology to business administration. As the university continues to expand its partnerships with institutions in countries such as Vietnam, Ghana, India, China, and Brazil, it seeks to do so in an increasingly strategic manner by partnering with those institutions that engage multiple schools and programs at Rutgers, so that the relationship is beneficial to both institutions. Partnerships may be sought that meet specific institutions needs by enhancing the academic curriculum with input from institutions overseas, by providing international faculty participation in research, or by giving Rutgers students overseas field experience in social work or public health. Partnerships also provide institutions overseas with opportunities for their students to study at Rutgers and for their faculty to engage in teaching and research at the university. Rutgers faculty may also contribute their expertise to building the capacity of institutions abroad.

As a prelude to establishing many of its partnerships, Rutgers hosts representatives of governments and academic institutions from around the world on its campus, including government officials, researchers, faculty, and administrators. It is the university’s goal to make each visit as productive and engaging as possible by connecting visitors with faculty and staff from relevant schools and departments at Rutgers. Many of these meetings lead to collaboration between Rutgers and overseas institutions and frequently result in the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Rutgers and the visiting institutions.

Regardless of the outcome, when Rutgers hosts international visitors or develops a new partnership, it becomes increasingly integrated in the global higher education system. In an increasingly global academic community, partnerships are central to international learning, teaching, and research; they provide a strong foundation for Rutgers internationalization efforts.

If you wish to visit Rutgers, please complete a visitor request worksheet. We encourage you to complete and submit the visitor request worksheet at least one month prior to the proposed arrival date, so that we can provide the best experience for your delegation.


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