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Rutgers has over 200 formal partnership agreements with higher education institutions and international organizations around the world. These memoranda of understanding (MOU) have been signed to support study abroad programs for students, exchanges for faculty and students, faculty and graduate student research collaboration, 2 + 2 degree programs, and more. Through these partnerships, students and researchers can pursue activities and projects in virtually any discipline.

Partnership Guidelines:  Faculty, administration, and staff at Rutgers may initiate an international academic partnership with institutions abroad. The process of establishing such a partnership (initiating contacts, gathering information, defining areas of interests, etc.) culminates in signing an MOU with an international higher education institution. Please review the Rutgers partnership guidelines for information on how to initiative a partnership. We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with the five types of Rutgers' agreements listed below before you initiate a new partnership through our international partnership proposal form.


List of active Rutgers international partnerships

Rutgers partnership guidelines

International partnership proposal form (NEW)

Rutgers agreement types (draft templates)

Rutgers General Cooperation Agreement

Rutgers General Cooperation Agreement with RBHS Attachments

Rutgers Abbreviated General Cooperation Agreement

Rutgers Letter of Intent

Rutgers 2 + 2 Transfer Agreement







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