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Rutgers and the United Nations

unflagsOne of the most exciting global initiatives at Rutgers is its affiliation with the United Nations (UN). Rutgers University is one of 27 universities worldwide that is affiliated with the United Nations Department of Public Information as a Non-Governmental Organization (UN DPI NGO).

Since attaining this status, Rutgers has built a substantial partnership with the United Nations. In addition to Rutgers’ active participation as a UN DPI NGO, the affiliation has allowed hundreds of Rutgers students to visit UN Headquarters in New York City for briefings, conferences, internships, research, and networking opportunities related to current issues of global concern.

This relationship positions Rutgers to be among the more than 1,700 international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) invited to participate in an annual UN conference on pressing issues such as world health or disarmament. It also opens the door for students and faculty to network with NGOs from around the world and to access informational materials at a UN Resource Center at UN Headquarters in New York.

Rutgers’ close proximity to the UN Headquarters in New York becomes particularly advantageous with this affiliation. The university’s students and faculty are a train ride away from attending regular UN briefings and special sessions. Faculty can also arrange class trips for students to meet with diplomats, UN officials, or others active on the international scene.







Regarding the Executive Order on Immigration

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50 Years of Study Abroad at Rutgers

Study Abroad 50 Years

Global Pavilion at Rutgers Day 2017

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Saturday, April 29, 2017 | 10–4 p.m.
Visit our interactive Global Pavilion at Rutgers Day 2017, test your world knowledge, and win some prizes!

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