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UN Class Trips & Visits

We are no longer accepting applications for class trips to the United Nations for the spring 2016 semester.

Organizing a United Nations class trip is the perfect way to educate students about real world global issues. Planned trips serve to develop and facilitate activities that engage faculty, staff, and students around topics of pressing global concern. Visiting the UN Headquarters will provide a platform to connect curriculum to real world experiences and issues addressed by the United Nations. Planned visits can include UN guided tours, UN briefings, and meetings at permanent missions. Class trips can be organized in half or full day schedules. Please refer to the steps and resources provided below to coordinate a UN class trip or a UN non-class trip.


A Rutgers University faculty member must facilitate all United Nations class trips. If you are interested in arranging a class trip please follow the procedures below.

Application Process

·         Complete a request form: Please fill out the initial request form one semester before your anticipated trip. All trips must be requested at least one semester in advance.

·         Meet with GAIA: Upon receipt of the class trip request form a meeting date will be arranged to discuss the class goals and process for your trip.

·         Secure funding for your trip (from other sources): See UN Class Trip Funding/Budget form for more information. Notify GAIA when funding for your trip has been secured.

·         Submit final syllabus: Submit a final syllabus for the course one week after the start of the semester along with a count of students enrolled in class.

·         Complete the un-trip travel itinerary form: Submit this form three weeks prior to your trip. If a student if not returning with the group, the student must sign an Informed Consent Waiver (waiver form).

·         Distribute Itinerary and UN Trip Guidelines: An itinerary for the visit (provided by GAIA) and a downloadable UN trip guidelines is distributed by faculty member to all trip participants one week in advance.

·         Complete post trip survey form: A trip survey should be completed and submitted online one week prior to the last day of class by faculty and students – there are two separate forms for students and faculty.


United Nations non-class trips are not lead by Rutgers University faculty. If you are interested in visiting the UN, please follow instructions at the United Nations Visitor Center . Please see downloadable resources below for transportation options.

United Nations Class Trip Resources and Downloads

The following is a list of resources and documents for class trips and non-class trips. Please download the PDF file appropriate for your event.

UN Class Trip Request Form

UN Class Trip Funding/Budget Information

UN Trip Planning Info/Resources

UN Travel Itinerary Form

Informed Consent Waiver

UN Trip Guidelines






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