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Rutgers Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs



The Center for Global Programs and Relations at the GAIA Centers works closely with campuses, schools, and units to support faculty research and scholarship and develop activities that internationalize the campus and enhance the global competency of the Rutgers community. The center, through its relations focus, also facilitates international partnerships and delegations.

Every two years, the GAIA Centers select a biennial theme that analyzes critical global issues. A variety of free events from film screenings to distinguished lectures are supported through biennial theme funding from the GAIA Centers each year.

The GAIA Centers advance international research by providing assistance and immigration processing for incoming sponsored students and scholars. Finally, the GAIA grants program helps Rutgers faculty to create international partnerships or multidisciplinary global research projects.

The GAIA Centers offers many programs for undergraduates and graduates. Rutgers is one of just a handful of universities affiliated with the United Nations Department of Public Information. This affiliation provides opportunities for Rutgers to bring the UN to campus and for Rutgers students to visit the UN for briefings, internships, class visits, and more.

The Graduate Student Lunch Series gives these students a chance to showcase internationally-related academic work about once a month, while the USAID Global Fellowship Program funds travel for graduate students who wish to complete their theses or dissertations abroad.

For more information on these programs, follow the links below:
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Fulbright Scholars
Sponsored Students/Scholars
GAIA Grants
United Nations
Graduate Student Lunch Series
USAID Global Fellowship Program


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