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Rutgers Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs

Global Health Seed Grants

Apply by February 22, 2017

Global Health at Rutgers
Improving the health and wellness of populations is a strategic priority of Rutgers—and reducing health care disparities and increasing health care equity are goals of many university initiatives. 

Rutgers is broadening its presence in global health with the establishment of the Rutgers Global Health Institute and the addition of our first Henry Rutgers Professor in Global Health, Dr. Richard Marlink. The institute will aim to position Rutgers as a leader in global health and to support, coordinate and grow new and existing research, education and service programs. Read Dr. Marlink's message here.

Global Health Seed Grants

With help from the GAIA Centers, the new Rutgers Global Health Institute is awarding the 2017 Global Health Seed Grants to faculty conducting collaborative, interdisciplinary activities that will improve health care in communities in need, at home and around the world.  Grants seek to help faculty pursue new ideas and seed expanded research and funding. 

Call for Proposals
We request proposals for research and education, training, and capacity building projects in these areas:

•    Old or new infectious disease threats
•    Social or environmental threats to health
•    Non-communicable diseases in developing countries
•    Improving health systems and policies in poor communities
•    Innovations in global health

Research Proposals 

Education, Training, and Capacity Building Proposals 


Five projects of up to $10,000 will be awarded for a one or two year time period. 

Faculty from all Rutgers’ campuses are invited to apply. Preference will be given to proposals that show support and partial funding from his/her school or department.


Anna DiColli
Senior Administrative Associate
Rutgers Global Health Institute

Join us in advancing global health at Rutgers. We invite your ideas, suggestions, and feedback at








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50 Years of Study Abroad at Rutgers

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Global Pavilion at Rutgers Day 2017

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Saturday, April 29, 2017 | 10–4 p.m.
Visit our interactive Global Pavilion at Rutgers Day 2017, test your world knowledge, and win some prizes!