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Rutgers Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs


Biennial Theme

Biennial Theme

Rutgers hosts a myriad of international and global initiatives that originate in different departments, centers, and programs spanning all three campuses. Recognizing that a collaborative, cross-disciplinary approach is inherently important to global engagement, each year the university brings together scholars, activists, policymakers, and artists through a biennial theme. The theme offers a framework for members of the Rutgers community to explore, discuss, and analyze critical global issues. Each focus is framed broadly enough to engage faculty, students, and staff from diverse units and disciplines in a common conversation. Each theme also encourages a discussion across disciplinary boundaries and provides a focus for a series of exciting events that bring outside  outside scholars, policymakers, activists, and artists to the university for lectures, film screenings, panel discussions, or student assignments.

The 2015–2017 theme, Global Urbanism, encourages an examination into the cultural creativity, political and environmental transformation, communication, and education, in cities worldwide. Faculty and student groups can apply for biennail theme funding from the GAIA Centers to conduct research or activities related to the theme, and crossdiciplinary submissions are encouraged. For more information, contact senior program coordinator


Global Focus


Global Statistics

United States 78.9%Turkey 0.5%
United Kingdom 1.8%Indonesia 0.5%
India 1.7%Switzerland 0.4%
China 1.7%Thailand 0.3%
Brazil 1.5%Poland 0.3%
Australia 1.4%Japan 0.3%
Canada 1.1%France 0.3%
Venezuela 1.1%Taiwan 0.3%
Germany 0.6%Republic Of Korea 0.3%
Philippines 0.5%Sweden 0.2%