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Rutgers and Hungary

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At Rutgers, the Institute for Hungarian Studies (IHS), directed by Paul Hanebrink (Department of History), promotes the study of the history, culture, and society of Hungary and East-Central Europe. Under the auspices of the IHS, Rutgers has developed two important collaborative relationships with academic partners in Hungary that have allowed the university to offer a wide variety of courses to undergraduates interested in East-Central Europe.

Recently, Rutgers renewed its long-time relationship with the Balassi Institute in Hungary, an organization established by the Hungarian Ministry of Education to promote Hungarian Studies abroad. In partnership with the Balassi Institute, Rutgers welcomes Hungarian scholars who can share their expertise in the politics, culture, and society of Hungary and East-Central Europe in the classroom and in other academic settings. Rutgers will host the next Balassi scholar for two years beginning in Fall 2012. In conjunction with visiting Hungarian scholars, Balassi Institute and Rutgers will initiate a new two-week long study tour in Hungary, starting in the Spring 2013.

Since 1995, Rutgers has also welcomed visiting professors from Hungary in partnership with the Hungarian-American Fulbright Commission. These visiting scholars have taught a wide variety of interdisciplinary courses in Hungarian and East-Central European Studies to undergraduates. In the Fall 2011 semester, Rutgers is pleased to host Péter Bihari, a well-known historian of modern Hungary, who will teach two courses on the history and film of East-Central Europe. RU has also partnered with Fulbright in other ways; most recently, the IHS and the Center for European Studies joined the Hungarian and Czech Fulbright Commissions to host a pre-departure orientation for Fulbright teacher-scholars, before they traveled to Central Europe for their Summer Study program.






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