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Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, is committed to expanding students’ opportunities for global and international education. Through study, research, and experience abroad, Rutgers offers students the opportunity to deeply explore and come to know the wider world. 

At the heart of the Center for Global Education Study Abroad Program are linkages with sixty international institutions and provider organizations of higher education, enabling students to study overseas for a semester or academic year in more than forty countries. Nearly fifty of these partnerships involve exchanges with top tier foreign colleges and universities, meaning that Rutgers reciprocally hosts, through the Center for Global Education, more than one hundred visiting international students per year. The Rutgers Center for Global Education likewise operates a robust summer program, offering approximately twenty-five courses, ranging from two to six weeks, each summer semester. Many of these are designed and led by Rutgers faculty, and several - such as the Anthropology Department’s Primatology program in Kenya - have attained international distinction. Also distinctive is the rapidly expanding cluster of summer International Service Learning (ISL) courses, providing wonderful opportunities for students to travel and engage with local communities in countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Ghana, Mexico, and Romania. These courses are also designed and led predominantly by Rutgers faculty.

In the Division of Continuing Studies, Winter Session offers occasional overseas credit-bearing courses, and the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) Honors Program provides an annual spring study trip to the Yucatan, Mexico, for its students. Individual professors, particularly in science and engineering programs, frequently coordinate internship exchanges with colleagues throughout the globe, offering undergraduate and graduate students alike the opportunity to pursue high-level research in international settings.

In providing these many and varied opportunities, Rutgers enables students and faculty to have the infinitely rewarding experience of “Global Reach,” complementing the grounding anchor of “Jersey Roots.”


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