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Byrne Seminars

Alexandria Library 2.0: The Web and the Future of Your Education

Paul Hammond | Director, Digital Initiatives, Office of Undergraduate Education

Visualizing Disaster and Displacement

Ahmet Atif | Visual Arts

Beyond Starving Babies: understanding West Africa Through Film

Barbara M. Cooper | History

The Politics of Visual Culture in the Middle East

Fakhri Haghani | Middle Eastern Studies

Ritual Communication in Day of the Dead Celebrations

Regina Marchi | Journalism, Media Studies

What Do Corporations Owe Society?

Mark Aakhus | Communication

Be Very Afraid: Problems of Risk and Disaster

Lee Clarke | Sociology

Transitional New Jersey: Finding the World in Our Own Backyard

Daniel Goldstein | Anthropology

Occupy the Media

Susan Keith | Journalism and Media Studies

Don’t Blame Cities for Climate Change

Robin Leichenko | Geography

Texting and Sexting Growing Up in the Digital Age

Jeffery Longhofer | School of Social Work

The Politics & Practice of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

Rocio Magana, Ariana Mangual Figueroa | Anthropology, School of Education

The Meaning of Video-Gaming

Paul McLean | Sociology

Media in the Digital Age

John V. Pavlik | Journalism and Media Studies

Cold War Politics and Policy in Film and Literature

Hal Salzman | Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy

Republic of the Web: Information of the People, for the People

Chirag Shah | Library and Information Science

Digital Media Storytelling

Anselm Spoerri | Library and Informational Science

Radio Astronomy: Jersey Roots, Global Reach

Andrew Baker | Physics and Astronom

High-Tech Sustainability: Food For Thought

A.J Booth | Plant Biology and Pathology

Weather Gone Wild: Will Climate Change cause more Extreme Weather?

Anthony J. Broccoli | Environmental Science

Collapse of Civilization

Kuang Yu Chen | Chemistry and Chemical Biology; Asian Languages and Cultures

Barcoding Species with DNA for Biodiversity Studies

Karl Kjer | Ecology, Evolution and Natural Sciences

Alternative Energy

Lisa C. Klein | Materials Science and Engineering  

Space Exploration in 21st century

Doyle Knight  | Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Will Geoengineering Solve the Problem of Global Warming?

Alan Robock  Environmental Science

All Stressed Out and Nowhere to Run: Plant Tolerance and Survival

Barbara Zilinskas |Plant Biology & Pathology

Gender and Disaster

Specifically for Douglass Residential College Students Only.

Jacquelyn Litt | (Dean, Douglass Residential College and Douglass Campus; Women’s and Gender Studies)

What is Africa to Me?

Abena P.A. Busia | English

Caribbean Sexiles

Yolanda Martinez-San Miguel | Latino and Hispanic Caribbean Studies; Comparative Literature

Taking It to The Streets

The Culture of the City in the Americas

Marcy Schwartz (Spanish and Portuguese)

The Emerging Dragon: Contemporary Perspectives on China

Richard VanNess Simmons (Asian Languages and Cultures)

Is Water a Human Right?

Trevor Birkenholtz | Geography

The Books That Make Us

Marija Dalbello | Library and Information Science

Social Networking and You

Marya L. Doerfel | Communication 

Irish Identity: Endurance Beyond War, Famine, Strife, and Troubles

Claire Mclnerney  | Library and Information Science

The Science of Asking for Money: Fundraising for Disaster Relief

Ronald Quincy (Director, Center for Nonprofit Management and Governance; Lecturer, School of Social Work

Lunar Settlements as Humanity Becomes a Spacefaring Civilization

Haym Benaroya | Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Introduction to the Forces Shaping Clean Energy’s Future: Technology, Policy and Economics

Kimberly Cook-Chennault | Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering



Wars of the Future: Chemical and Biological Weapons

Donald R. Gerecke | Pharmacology and Toxicology



Spinal Cord Injury and Stem Cells: Pushing the Frontiers, Raising the Ethical Questions

Martin Grumet, Patricia Morton, and Wise Young | Cell Biology and Neuroscience



Climate Change and Water Resources

Jim Miller | Marine and Costal Sciences



The Future is Solar: Harnessing Sunlight to Meet Worldwide Energy Demands

Robert A. Niederman | Molecular Biology and Biochemistry



Engineering against Disasters

Koan Ozbay, Hani Nassif | Civil and Environmental Engineering






Regarding the Executive Order on Immigration

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50 Years of Study Abroad at Rutgers

Study Abroad 50 Years

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