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Global Health Seed Grant Announcement

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Dear Colleagues,

Improving the health and wellness of populations is a strategic priority of Rutgers—and reducing health care disparities and increasing health care equity are goals of many of the research, teaching, and service initiatives at Rutgers. These endeavors reach across disciplines and engage faculty, staff and students with governments, industry, nonprofits, and communities to address pressing global health challenges. There are many effective programs at the university that improve health for those in need and even more opportunities to create new models and solutions.

I am delighted to join the university as the inaugural Henry Rutgers Professor of Global Health and to establish the Rutgers Global Health Institute. The institute, initiated with the support of Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences Chancellor Brian Strom, will aim to position Rutgers as a leader in global health, and to support, coordinate, and grow new and existing global health programs.

With help from the GAIA Centers, I am pleased to announce the Rutgers Global Health Institute's 2017 Global Health Seed Grants. These grants will support faculty conducting collaborative, interdisciplinary global health activities in communities at home and around the world. We are seeking a) research and b) education, training, and capacity building proposals in the following areas:

1) Old or new infectious disease threats
2) Social or environmental threats to health
3) Noncommunicable diseases in developing countries
4) Improving health systems and policies in poor communities
5) Innovations in global health

The Rutgers Global Health Institute encourages proposals that may seed expanded research and funding, and that include partners from external institutions. This opportunity is open to all Rutgers campuses and all fields of study; acceptable proposals can include supplementary activities, such as language training to remove communication barriers in clinical settings or training programs to improve students’ global citizenship.

We hope you will join us in advancing global health at Rutgers. Please feel free to reach out to me with ideas, questions, or feedback.

I look forward to speaking with you.


Ric Marlink, M.D.
Inaugural Henry Rutgers Professor of Global Health
Director, Rutgers Global Health Institute






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